Tuesday, April 7, 2009

200% a Boy!

Well i am pregos! mostly everyone that reads this blog already knows but ill write about it anyways for all those who dont? ha ha Anyways i am 4 and a half months along, and i wasnt scheduled to get my ultrasound until another 2 more weeks but Adam would be out of town so we went to fetal studios in the south towne mall and the nicest man from some country i cant seem to remember and apparently had been an obgyn in his country came here and started his little ultra sound place. Anyways it was so nice, and pleasent and there was some lovely music playing and two big screen tvs set up so i could see the baby, and the onlookers, "Adam" could as well.

So we got to see our baby boy for the first time he was so cute! im sure he looks like every other baby in the belly but he is mine so that makes him so much cuter! When i asked the man if it was for sure a boy he said oh 200 percent a boy so i guess that means i have two? ha ha no i just have a very boyish boy. Its so exciting! im going to make a blanket. I feel all motherly now just talking about it. So thats the newest most exciting thing happening. I just need a name for him so anyone who knows any really good boy names let me know. Otherwise keep the bad names to yourself cuz i have come up with plently of those! Ha ha


Becca said...

no no no - if anyone comes up with any good boy names let ME know. I'm due before you are, Jo, c'mon. ;o)

Edison. That is my most recent fave, but James hates it. He thought of the name Erikson though. And I hate that name. haha. So we're even.

I'm so excited you are all motherly!!! I am going to make a blanket too!YAY!

The Lindsay Family said...

Ahhhh, I didn't know you were prego!!!! that is soooo exciting!!! ok now you need to post prego photos, for all of us who don't see you like ever (probably just me) boys are fun, more then a handful at times, but fun none the less.
the names I like are Cannon, & Eli, I will keep my most favorite to myself incase you think it is the perfect name for your little one, and then I won't be able to use it. So you will just have to wait to hear my most favorite boy name for when we have another boy.

congrats, and you really need to post more offten.

Brandon said...

Congrats on the human growing in your gut! I'm so glad you're having a boy.

shannon said...

Cuteness! You blogged again. Yeah boy names...well I already have the best name so I guess you really could pick any name, it doesn't really matter! ha for real I think you should go with Gus, it's the second best name. And the doc says 200% boy?? So there is a slight chance it could be a girl?? Nice, way to leave a doubt in our minds old man. Oh and if it is a girl, then Bernice shall be her name.

The Lindsay Family said...

Post prego photos, I want to seet that cute belly!