Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wedding pics from forever ago.

Brandon finally gave us our pics from our wedding so ill post a couple of cute ones, i mean they are all so freakin cute cuz its me and my boy but there isnt enough room for all of them. So here we are.


James & Bec said...

as i said on facebook, these are so cute! you guys are such a good looking couple. have a kid already -- he/she would be GORGEOUS! unless you two have already used up all the good looking genes on yourselves...then you will just have ugly children. hmmmm. maybe you should wait to procreate.

love the pics! you are gorgeous and I LOVE your hair.

The Lindsay Family said...

It's about time you update your blog!! I have been dieing to see wedding photos. I looked at the big family photo and saw Shannon and Brandon, but I didn't see Paul, were they not able to come?? Post more photos!!!

shannon said...

Yay! You posted! You look so good my little one. What a total hottie:) That was a fun day wasn't it? Im going to have to go with Becca on this one...your kids will be so beautiful that they will actually appear uggs at first look. Then when you recover you will realize they are the most beautiful creatures ever! hahah maybe thats true and maybe its not. Only time will tell.