Friday, August 29, 2008

New Blog!

Ok so after much helpful pushing from my dear sister Shannon i finally made a blog! so here it is with my first post. There of course will be many more about my cute new little family so be excited because i am! I will be keeping up on all of you other bloggers and all that fun stuff! Yay! XOXO


shannon said...

Yay for Betty Jo! You joined the world -o - bloggers! And what a cute thing you are for doing so:) Now I can know whats going on in your lives - I hardly ever get to see you! hhahahah

The Lindsay Family said...

Betty Jo!!!! It's Terri Potter/Lindsay. After I saw your blog on Shannon's page, I just had to say Hi. Congrats on the wedding, and congrats on joining the blogging world. You have to go check out my blog and read all about my little boy. I look forward to seeing so more photos of you and your hubby.

James & Bec said...

hey! i like your blog. try and keep it up, ok? blogging is lots of fun, and that's just what you do once you get married. I don't know why. just do it.

James & Bec said...

you need to bliog

grasce us helping me to typef